Our Juice Subscription allows you to enjoy one or more quarts of cold-pressed juice each week to make it easy for you to get the nutrients your body craves. You choose to pick up in store or to pick up at a local pick up hub near you. (Home delivery may be available by request).

You get to choose your flavors of juice and change them as you wish. Plus you get exclusive tips, tricks, and recipes from Lou and Coach Kristy to help you stay motivated toward all of your health goals.

If you struggle to give your body the daily nutrients, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals it requires, or you feel like you wish your body felt healthier, the Juice Barn Weekly Cold-Pressed Juice Subscription will give you the easy access you need to stay on track. If you don’t juice regularly at home (or don’t want to), this is the easiest and fastest way to support your body to feel its best. Our Juice Subscription is for anyone who wants to stay consistent with their nutrient intake and feel great in their body — whether you’ve been juicing for years or are brand new on your journey to better health.

You get to choose if you want to pick your juice up at the Juice Barn each week on Monday, Wednesday or Friday, or if you prefer to pick it up at no cost at a local pick up hub near you. (Home delivery may be available by request by texting Kristy: 781-347-1906).

Yes! You’ll choose the juices you want when you join. You can change them at any time by logging into your account.

Please Note: The cut-off for edits to your next pick-up is Friday at 5pm. Please ensure any changes you want to make to your order are completed before this time to avoid disappointment!

Current Juice Options:

1. Detox: Improve digestion, immunity, and weight loss while reducing inflammation with this kale, romaine, celery, lemon, cucumber & parsley juice.

2. Eliminate Inflammation: Quiet inflammation and increase metabolic function with yummy pineapple, spinach, kale, romaine, decaf green tea, ginger & turmeric.

3. Metabolism Boost: Reduce hunger and boost your metabolism with lemon juice, purified water, turmeric, cayenne pepper, & maple syrup.

4. Lean ’n Green: Improve digestion and immunity while reducing inflammation with kale, romaine, celery, lemon, cucumber, and parsley juice.

5. Immune Booster: Local, organic goodness to boost your immunity and help gently cleanse with lemon, ginger, elderberry, echinacea and raw honey.

6. Energizer: Boost energy and increase stamina with carrot, apple, beet & ginger.

7. Celery: Improve gut health, aid weight loss, and lower inflammation and oxidative stress

8. Motivator: Boost motivation, energy and stamina with carrots, lemon, apples, beets, and ginger.

9. Lou’s Your Mind: Improve digestion, metabolism, and respiratory function with pineapple, mint, cilantro, lime, apple, and jalapeño.

10. Spicy SweetHeart: Boost your blood flow and power up your brain with pineapple, apple, beet, lemon, carrot, cilantro, mint, ginger, lime, and jalapeño.

Your credit card will be billed weekly (on Mondays) for the number of quarts of juice you’ve selected to receive. As a Juice Subscription member, you’ll get a discounted price per quart. It’s a steal of a deal that makes it super easy to say yes to your health.

As the only 100% organic, cold-pressed juicery on the South Shore, we are so happy to let you know that our nutrient-dense juice can safely be consumed for up to four days in your fridge when stored at 38 degrees. We suggest that once you pour juice out of the quart jar that you put the rest into a smaller container (like a pint jar) to prevent any extra oxygen from sitting in the jar. This will help the juice maintain its amazing nutrients and enzymes.

Our cold-pressed process is different from countertop juicers. It is the gold standard of juicing and is the reason that every juice you get from the Juice Barn is nutrient-packed for several days after being cold-pressed. You will taste and feel the Juice Barn difference!

Yes! There are a range of add-ons you can choose to add to your weekly juice subscription, although these additions must be added before 5pm on Fridays to be included in your upcoming order!

If you’re wanting smoothies or other menu items like salads or soups with your juice order each week, just text Krsity to ask: (781) 347-1906. We are truly here to support you in reaching your health goals, so if we can make it happen we surely will!

Yes! All flavor changes must be received before 5pm on Fridays and can be made when you are logged in to your account.

Yes! You can log in to your account to pause your subscription for 1 or more weeks at a time. Requests to pause your subscription must be received by Fridays at 5pm if you wish to pause for the coming week. As a small family business we are not able to honor changes requested after the cut-off day.