Why I Eat Fruit to Flush My Lymph

We know you’re hearing all over the place not to eat fruit. Hear us out for a minute on our take on fruit and how magical it is for your body. And how fruit can be a key factor in helping you feel great in your body and even lose weight if that’s a goal!

There are hundreds of diets in the world, many of which are fads. Typically, if a diet is telling you not to eat fruit, it’s so that you can have higher quantities of other foods that may not be as supportive to your overall health … like processed meats or grocery store snacks. 

Eating a lot of fruit on top of a diet that already is high in calories, salt, and processed foods is not going to give you great results. And this is why so many people are saying to not eat fruit.

But in this equation, fruit is not the problem. When we cut back on processed foods and snacks, and we eat lots of foods from nature, fruit is a great option. And one that can really help you achieve your health goals!

We’re excited to share how fruit can change your life by supporting your lymphatic system!

So don’t swear off a yummy dish of fruit, a nutrient-packed, delicious organic smoothie or a green juice with fruit like pineapple or apple.

The lymphatic system is responsible not just for expelling excess liquids from the body, but also for getting toxins out of the body. A slow lymph flow can prompt a progression of medical problems, from cellulite and sinus infection to fatigue, stomach related issues, and muscle swelling.