Earth Day: Invest in Our Planet Why We Choose 100% Organic

Did you know that 100% of what we serve you at the Juice Barn is certified organic? Truly. You have our word. In honor of Earth Day this year, we’re excited to share some reasons why this matters so much to us.

  1. Results! The results you get from the foods and drinks you consume begin with what you’re putting into your body. If you’re looking for more energy, less inflammation, or increased focus, the last thing you want to do is give your body more chemicals to digest and process.
  2. Clean Eating: We load you up with concentrated amounts of veggies and fruits. When you’re drinking juice and smoothies, you’re consuming larger than usual amounts of produce, so the cleaner the better! 🫐💙
  3. Healthy Skin: Your skin is your biggest organ. Organic fruits and veggies will help you restore the cells of your body and skin whereas conventional produce with pesticides, insecticides, and fungicides cause damage to our organs, including our skin. Healthy produce means healthy skin.
  4. Detox: Our organic juices will help your body gently cleanse out environmental toxins.
  5. Digestion: Organic juice is vastly easier to digest than juice made from conventionally grown produce.
  6. Decrease Inflammation: We want to help you lower inflammation, not increase it. Not every fresh pressed juice will help you lower inflammation. Juices made with conventional produce may actually increase inflammation in your body.
  7. Better Nutrition: Organic produce comes from organic soil which is inherently higher in minerals and nutrients. Thus organic veggies and fruits have higher antioxidant, vitamin, and nutrient counts.
  8. Protect our planet. By supporting organic farms that do not use harmful chemicals on their lands, we are showing respect and gratitude for this beautiful planet we all call home.
  9. Immunity: The chemicals and environmental toxins that we’re all surrounded by create a buildup of toxins in our bodies, making us more vulnerable to sickness and disease, including cancer. Drinking organic juice is a great way to lessen our toxic load and improve immunity and disease prevention.

On Earth Day and every day we honor our commitment to 100% organic – for you – for us – and for our beautiful planet. 🌎🌲🍃🌱🌳